Bon­jour. I’m a physi­cist, writer and pho­tog­ra­pher, and I’m co-founder of The Physics Cap­sule. I also host its fort­nightly pod­cast that you should def­i­nitely start lis­ten­ing to right away.

This is my per­sonal web­site — thanks for drop­ping by. I also indulge in hob­bies like com­pos­ing music and direct­ing short films, among other things. And I love cycling. You can take a look at all my work via the menu above. Please feel free to send me an e-mail or con­nect with me on Twit­ter any­time.


This web­site is type­set in Minion Pro designed by Robert Slim­bach in 1990 for the Adobe Orig­i­nals type foundry. The design of this site was mildly inspired by Modernista’s Georges Perec books.

Back end

For nearly ten years this web­site ran on Word­Press, the excel­lent, free open-source CMS. Since 2017 it has been run­ning on the slim­mer, quicker (and data­base-free) system, Kirby.


Solid State Discs from InMo­tion servers in Los Ange­les power this web­site while con­tent is served through one of sev­eral Cloud­flare edge caches around the world, depend­ing on your loca­tion.